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Planning Documents
Planning Commission Agenda - March 26. 2019

PC Agenda Packet 3-26-19 - PART 2

PC Agenda Packet 3-26-19 -  PART 2

Colton Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Colton Specific Plans

Reche Canyon Specific Plan (Adopted 2/1991)

The HUB City Centre Specific Plan (New - 11/21/2014)
  - Chapter 1 Table of Contents and Overview
  - Chapters 2-5 Community Planning and Design Goals; Land Use and Components; Development Regulations; and Circulation, Public Facilities and Services
  - Chapter 6 Community Design Guidelines -
                   Sections 6.1 - Purpose and Intent; 6.2 Objectives; and 6.3 Community Identity / Village Environment 
                   Section 6.4  Retail Guidelines
                   Section 6.5  Office Guidelines
                   Section 6.6  Business Park Guidelines
                   Section 6.7  Residential Guidelines
                   Section 6.9  Community Entry Monuments, Walls and Fences
                   Section 6.10 Community Streetscape master Plan Guidelines
                   Section 6.11 Open Space Plan - Park and Habitat 
                   Section 6.12 Outdoor Lighting Guidelines
                   Section 6.13 Landscape Planting Guidelines
   - Chapters 7-8 Administration and Appendix
Amendments to Colton's Hub City Centre SP - Nov. 2016

Colton Downtown Design Manual and Vision Posters (adopted 07/19/16)

Climate Action Plan
The City of Colton Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted and approved November 3, 2015 Resolution No R-119-15.

South Colton Livable Corridor Plan
The South Colton Livable Corridor Plan was adopted by the Colton City Council on July 16, 2019.

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