Notice Is Hereby Given that the following persons have been nominated for the offices designated to be filled at the General Municipal Election to be held in the City of Colton on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The following list is in the order they will appear on the ballot, in accordance with the secretary of state's randomized alphabet drawing.

Council Member – District 1  - 2 Year Term

David J. Toro

Council Member – District 2 - 2 Year Term

Kelly J. Chastain

Kenneth J. Koperski

Council Member – District 3 - 4 Year Term

Isaac T. Suchil

Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez

Council Member – District 4 - 4 Year Term  

John R. Echevarria 

Gem M. Montes

Robert D. Wilson

Mayor  - 4 Year Term

Frank J. Navarro   

Mark L. Garcia