Public Notices & Neighborhood Meetings

Planning Commission or City Council Meeting Notices

Planning Commission Meeting

July 14, 2020 - Planning Commission Meeting Agenda (zoom meeting) 

June 23, 2020 - Planning Commission Meeting Agenda (zoom meeting)

Notice of Public Hearing

July 14, 2020 - DAP-001-650_Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Junior ADU Ordinance

June 23, 2020 - DAP-001-378_Hillside_Compact Lots Subdivision

February 25, 2020 - DAP-001-638_Electric Fence

City Council Meeting

CEQA Environmental Notices

1. Notice of Intent - Litton Bostick Residential Project Hillside_Compact Lots Subdivision

2. Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting for the Barton Road Logistics Center

Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood meetings are opportunities for developers and/or project applicants to introduce their project to the neighborhood and identify issues/concerns prior to holding a Planning Commission public hearing. The following is a list of current Neighborhood Meetings planned to be held either formally with a City Application or prior to formal City Planning application submission: