Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for providing advice, review, and approval or recommendations on development proposals, to ensure high-quality development that promotes Colton’s interests as defined in the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Specific Plans; provides support to the City Council, Planning Commission, and Historic Preservation Commission; and is responsible for updating and administering development standards, land use codes and policies.

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659 N La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA 92324
(Across the street from City Hall in the Civic Center Annex)

Planning Commission

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Colton Housing DATA - SCAG

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Historic Preservation 

The City Historic Preservation Ordinance, Title 15, Section 15.40, was originally adopted on July 7, 2087 by Ordinance No. O-11-87.   The Intent and Purpose for the most part has not changed.   

  • The city of Colton has possessed many unique places, structures, neighborhoods, beautiful trees, gardens and streetscapes, public parks, scenic areas, and urban design features that help beautify the community to live and work in. 
  • These resources include features such as cultural, aesthetic or historical significance and value because of age, architectural style, aesthetic appeal, or association with local history. 
  • Preserving such resources help beautiful the city, improve property values, recognize architectural creativity, provide growth in neighborhood stability and conservation, provide public awareness of accomplishments, and add to the communities understanding and appreciation of its history and values from the past to help inform future generations.

The Historic Preservation Ordinance of the City may be obtained at the following link: 

Chapter 15.40 – Historic Preservation

If you would like to review whether or not you are in a Historic District, please visit the Property Viewer to look up an address:

Additional Information about Colton Historic Preservation Landmarks, Districts and Historic Resource Survey is below: 

Historic Landmark Handout
Historic Preservation Districts and Landmark Map

1992 Historic Resources Survey Survey  1 of 5

1992 Historic Resources Survey Survey  2 of 5

1992 Historic Resources Survey Survey  3 of 5

1992 Historic Resources Survey Survey  4 of 5

1992 Historic Resources Survey Survey  5 of 5

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