Transparency in Government

As a matter of practice, the City Manager of Colton has established a separate page to highlight the Colton "Transparency" in government actions.

Who Has a Budget Online? Who Shows Detailed Expenses? Who Is Setting the Standard?

See how the City of Colton is stepping up to give taxpayers like you a transparent look at where your money goes.

Under direction from the City Manager, as recommended by professionals, in producing transparency the City of Colton has implemented financial transparency by posting three key financial documents online:

  1. 2017 to 2018 Annual Budget (PDF)
  2. 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) (PDF)
  3. Warrant Registry located on the City of Colton Agenda Center

For more information to assist in the understanding of "Transparency in Government" please visit the Ford Foundation website.

State of California Agency Database

The State of California Agency Database is a searchable database containing information on the salary and other compensation of public employee positions in cities, counties, special districts, the California State University system, and for most state employees.

All cities are required to report information to the California State Controller each year to support the compensation and database. 

Questions regarding the City of Colton's transparency can be directed via email to the City Managers Office or by calling 919-370-5051.