Meter Location and Panel Approval

Procedure to Obtain Permit & Power

  • Step 1: Submit this form to the Electric Utility Department, using the online form or at 150 S. 10th Street, (909) 370-5104
    (Once approved, this form will be sent to the Building Department.)
  • Step 2: Obtain a Building Permit from the Building Department at 659 N. La Cadena Drive, (909) 370-5079
    (A permit application will not be accepted until this form is on file at the Building Department)
  • Step 3: Pass Building Department Inspection
    (The building Department will send a release to the Electric Department)
  • Step 4: Pass Electric Utility Inspection
    (An Electric inspector will then release an order to connect service)
  • Step 5: Submit a Service Meter Application to Customer Service Department at 650 N. La Cadena Drive, (909) 370-5555 (Application will not be accepted until panel has passed all inspections)
  • Step 6: Panel will usually be energized within three working days once the service meter application is on file.