Solar Program

City of Colton residents may apply to install a residential solar system using the PowerClerk online portal. All information will be loaded directly through the website.

Customers may install systems up to 100% of their actual consumption for the past 12 months in the home. The City of Colton does not allow for any oversizing, there will be no exceptions. If a customer does not have a full 12 months consumption history, the maximum they will be approved to install is 2 watts per square foot. In lieu of 2 watts per square foot, The City of Colton will accept the California Energy Commission approved building simulation compliance programs like CBECC, and Energy Pro for system sizing per Title 24 requirements. These reports will be required to be provided with the PowerClerk application.

If you need your electric consumption data, please complete the online form/Solar Data Usage. The completed information will be submitted to the customer within 3 business days.

Please be advised, the City of Colton Electric Utility requires all solar installations to have a Production Meter and two AC Disconnects.  If you elect to provide your own Production Meter, one disconnect will be acceptable. 

Any solar installations that require a panel upgrade please follow the Service Panel Upgrade Requirements (  You will also be required to submit the following Load Questionnaire (

If you wish to meet with the Solar Energy Advisor prior to installing solar, please email us for an appointment. Appointments are required.

As of March 2021, The City of Colton will now be collecting a $225.00 solar review charge.  This charge must be paid prior to receiving a permit for installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the City of Colton recommend a solar vendor to use to install panels at my home or business?
No, the City of Colton cannot make any recommendations on which solar vendor to use. You must do your own research as the property owner.

Does the City of Colton have a program where I can have them install solar for me?
No, the City of Colton does not install, service, or maintain solar panels.

How many solar panels can I install?
The solar system should be sized accordingly to the actual energy consumption in the home over the past 12 months. The annual output of kilowatt-hours (kWh) cannot exceed the 12-month kWh consumption. System size is capped at 100% actual load. No exceptions!

If I do not have 12-months of energy consumption, how do I determine my maximum system size?
If 12-months of energy data is not available, you can calculate the maximum install based on 2 watts per square foot of the property. For example, a 1,500 sq. ft. home can install a 3,000-watt system, also known as a 3kW system.

How can I get my 12-month consumption data?
You can calculate your 12-month consumption data by adding up the kWh’s from your last 12 months of electric bills. Or you can follow this link and complete the request form, and we will email you the data within 3 business days.

How do I apply to go solar?
The City of Colton uses PowerClerk for its residential application process. You can access the portal on our website, or through this link

For Commercial applications, please email the project proposal with the single line diagram (SLD) and the site plan to the Solar Energy Advisor at

Does the City of Colton have Net Metering? And how does it work?
Yes, currently the City of Colton has Net Metering. The city’s current Net Metering policy gives the customer a one for one, kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit on the electric consumption. When the solar system is generating electricity and the property is not using the energy in real time, the solar system will send that electricity to the City of Colton’s electric grid. The City of Colton then banks that energy on the customer’s account for use when they need it.

What happens if I do not use all of the solar energy produced by my system and there are kilowatt-hours in my bank?
The City of Colton completes solar true ups at the end of each June. At that time, if you have any kWh in your account bank, the city will pay you the avoided cost of $0.04 per kWh.

Will my solar system work during a power outage?
No, your solar system will not work if there is a power outage. Solar systems require DC power from the city’s electric grid in conjunction with solar rays to produce energy.

Do I need a battery storage system for my solar system?
No, you do not need a battery storage system to operate your solar system. In fact, the city operates like a storage system for you, through its Net Metering policy. The only time a battery storage system will help you is in the event of a power outage.

Does the City of Colton offer any rebates to go solar?
No, the City of Colton does not have any rebates for installing solar panels.

Will my electric rates change after I install a solar system?
No, at this time the City of Colton will not change your rate if you choose to install solar panels.

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If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to the solar energy advisor, please email Adrianne Rogers at