Refrigerator Replacement

**The Refrigerator Replacement Program is temporarily on hold for the remaining of the outstanding COVID-19 Pandemic. We will open the program back up after the it is determined that it is safe to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience. **

Our Refrigerator rebate program is still active.  If you purchase a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator, you can receive a rebate of $75. Please see our Energy Efficency Rebate program for details.

The City of Colton electric department offers a Residential Refrigerator Replacement program for qualified customers. The program offers customers a low-cost replacement for their old inefficient refrigerator. The customer will make 12 payments of $20 a month for 12 consecutive months for a total of $240. The customer will be charged the monthly fee of $20 directly on their utility bill.

To qualify you must be a resident in the City of Colton with an active electric service account for at least 12 consecutive months. You must also have a refrigerator that is old and inefficient to qualify for a replacement.

The program replaces old inefficient units with brand new energy-efficient refrigerators. The replacement model is a basic white 18 cubic ft. GE (models subject to change without notice).

For more information on the program please contact Energy Services at 909-370-6139, or apply online.

Note: This is not an emergency program and it may take 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.