Measure S


The City of Colton provides a variety of general municipal services, including fire, police, and emergency 911 medical response; after-school programming for youth; senior and library services; parks maintenance; homelessness response; gang, drug, and crime prevention, and other general maintenance and services. In recent years, the City’s ability to maintain these services has become more challenging due to operating costs rising at a faster pace than revenues. The City has been operating with fewer employees, has instituted a hiring freeze, and has been applying for grants. Based on current projections, unless a new revenue source is identified, the City faces substantial budget deficits and service reductions. Measure S provides a way to close the budget gap.

Measure S DEFINED:

Measure S is a ballot measure on the November 8th General Municipal Election ballot for City of Colton voters only. Measure S seeks voter approval to authorize a 1% cent sales tax to maintain city services. A “YES vote” approves the City’s proposal; a “NO vote” rejects the proposal.

Measure S Ballot Question:

To maintain funding for police patrols, to address homelessness, gang, drug and crime prevention, fire protection, paramedics, 911 emergency response, to maintain senior and youth services, library services, parks, sidewalks, roads, to clean and maintain public areas, and for general government use; shall a measure establishing a one-cent sales tax providing approximately $9,500,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits and guaranteeing all funds are controlled locally be adopted?”

Measure S Summary – Measure S will provide additional funding that could be used to:

• Maintain 911 Emergency Response, Fire Protection, and Neighborhood Police Patrols

• Address homelessness

• Support gang, drug, and crime prevention programs

• Repair Colton streets, sidewalks, and street lights

• Maintain senior and youth services

• Clean and maintain Colton parks, recreational, and community facilities

Accountability Provisions:

 • All funds generated by Measure S will be for the City of Colton to provide local general services.

• By law, the County and State cannot take this funding away.

• The City is required to publicly report on the expenditure of revenues.

Items like groceries and prescription medications won’t be taxed by Measure S.

For more information:

Visit our website at: OR contact the Finance Department via email: or by phone: (909)-370-5052

Measure S Factsheet

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Ballot Measure Staff Report

R-31-22 Calling for the Placement of a General Tax Measure on the Ballot

R-32-22 Requesting the Board of Supervisors of the County of SB to Consolidate

R-33-22 Providing for the Filing of Primary and Rebuttal Arguments and Setting Rules

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