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About Hazard Mitigation
What is the Purpose?
The purpose of the current FY2016-21 planning process is to update the City of Colton's existing local hazard mitigation plan (LHMP) last updated in FY2011. The LHMP will be updated by using the most current information and data, conducting a thorough vulnerability analysis, and revising community priorities and subsequent mitigation actions.


  • Provide the public opportunities throughout the plan development and drafting process to provide input, taking special care to make the plan and outcome relevant to the impacted community.
  • Update the risk assessment using the most recent disaster data and information.
  • Update hazard mitigation goals, objectives and actions as they relate to reducing loss of life and property from natural and human-made hazards.
  • Obtain state and federal approval of the updated plan.

What is a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan?
The plan is an official statement of the City of Colton€™s hazards, vulnerability analysis, and mitigation strategy. The result of a collaborative multi-agency and citizen planning process. As a living document, it guides implementation activities to achieve the greatest reduction of vulnerability, which results in saved lives, reduced injuries, reduced property damages, and protection for the environment.

Why have a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan?
To ensure public consensus through a planning process on mitigation actions that best suit the community. Allows communities to focus efforts and limited resources on the most highly desirable mitigation projects. The City of Colton must have a State and federally approved plan to apply for and receive mitigation grants. These grants can augment local mitigation activities already underway and future planned activities too. Ultimately, these actions reduce vulnerability and communities are able to recover more quickly from disasters.

When can I get involved?
Sign-Up here for updates on opportunities to get involved. (this may require setting up a list serve) If you are interested in becoming involved in our planning committee, please e-mail us here: 

The City of Colton's update process follows the core hazard mitigation steps identified by FEMA. The City of Colton has created a step-by-step planning process below which identifies detail Colton's actions from start to finish. Please see the steps below for more information on opportunities to get involved. 

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