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Public Notices and Neighborhood Meetings
CEQA Environmental Notices

1. Project Title HUB City Centre Specific Plan Amendment No. 1 - Wildrose Village/ File No: (File No. DAP-001-305)
The purpose of this Notice of Preparation (NOP) is to notify potential Responsible Agencies, (Agencies) that the Lead Agency, City of Colton, will prepare a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project HUB City Centre Specific Plan Amendment No. 1 and to solicit comments and suggestions regarding . . .

Notice of Preparation - HUB City Centre Specific Plan Amendment No. 1
Initial Study and Appendix

2. Project Title / File No: Roquet Ranch Specific Plan EIR (File No. DAP-001-228)
The purpose of this Notice of Preparation (NOP) is to notify potential Responsible Agencies, (Agencies) that the Lead Agency, City of Colton, will prepare an EIR for the project Roquet Ranch Specific Plan and to solicit comments and suggestions regarding . . .

Notice of Preparation and Scoping Meeting

3. Project Title / File No: Southwest Regional Operations Center (File Index No. DAP-001-230)
Notice is hereby given that the City of Colton has completed an Initial Study and will conduct a public hearing to consider adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration for trucking facility with ancillary uses located on property measuring approximately 11 acres within the M-2 (Heavy Industrial) and M-1 (Light Industrial) Zone. 

Notice of Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration

4. Project Title / File No: General Plan Update & SDA-O Zone Change & Text Amendment (File Index No. DAP-001-277)
City-Initiated amendments to Colton General Plan Land Use Element, Chapter 18 (Zoning) of the Colton Municipal Code and the Official Zoning Map.

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

5. Project Title / File No: Downtown Development Code & Design Manual / DAP-001-307
The Colton Downtown Design Manual is a companion document to complement the Downtown Development Code, prepared to establish an achievable vision, shape future development, and implement an action plan for Downtown Colton. The Design Manual is intended to be used by property owners, design professionals, developers, city staff, and review bodies to provide a clear set of guidelines serving as a mutual footing for developing design concepts and evaluating quality of design. It is separated into six chapters: Introduction, Vision and Planning Principles, Urban Form and Design Guidelines, Complete Streets, Streetscapes and Place-Making, and Implementation

Notice of Intent to adopt a Negative Declaration

6. Project Title / File No: City HUB Center (Commercial Retail Development) / DAP-001-261
Chandi Group is requesting approval of a retail development that includes 6,000 square foot restaurant, a 9,000 square foot retail building, a 3, 500 square foot quick service restaurant, a 6,500 square foot gas station with a convenience market, a 4,800 square foot drive thru car wash, a 90 room four story hotel, and a Parcel Map (Parcel Map No. No. 19691) to create four lots on a 7.26 acre parcel.

Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration

7. Project Title / File No.: California University of Science and Medicine Campus (CUSM), CalMed Primary Care and Urgent Care Facility, and Planning Area 21 Parking Lot Site or CUSM Campus - DAP - 001-233 (ClaMed Campus), 266 (PA 24 Master Plan)*, 267 (PA 21 Hospital Parking Lot) & 270 (PA 21 Master Plan)

*Not on the schedule for public hearing at this time/to be submitted 
 Notice of Intent and Public Hearing Notice to adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration

Neighborhood Meetings
Neighborhood meeting is a new program for developers and/or project applicants to introduce their project to the neighborhood and identify issues / concerns prior to holding a Planning Commission public hearing. 

The following is a list of current Neighborhood Meetings planned to be held:

1. August 6, 2015 at Hutton Center located at 260 N. Colton Ave, starting at 6:00 p.m.: A presentation by developer, Sunwest Enterprises, to develop a 24 compact lot subdivision known as the Garden Villas and to also develop a pocket park project on property located on the northeast corner of H Street and Cottage Lane. 

2. March 16, 2015 at Luque Center, 292 E. O Street, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: 839 Fairway Drive - Regency Palms Colton - Proposed Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility

3. March 26, 2015: at Luque Center, 292 E. O Street - from 6:30 p.m. to approximately 7:30 p.m.: Roquet Ranch Specific Plan The approximately 306-acre Roquet Ranch Specific Plan is designed as a high quality master planned community consisting of 473 single family detached homes, 178 townhomes/apartments, 13.1 acres of parks, a 10.0 acre public school site, and a 1.5 acre commercial site. The community preserves over 188 acres of the La Loma Hills in permanent open space and links the parkland with the neighborhoods and commercial site with sidewalks and trails, creating communitywide pedestrian linkages.

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