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What's Happening
The following project information is a snapshot of "What's Happening in Colton" at a specific give time.  Each month the map will be updated to reflect proposed projects, new projects recently completed and other major projects.  

The Development Services Department is working on improving the current  projects information by working with an interactive map which is anticipated to be completed by end of 2016 calendar year.

"NEW PLAN CHECK / PERMIT STATUS LOG" See our latest "What's Happening" action that provides the latest status of projects in the Building & Safety Division's Plan Check Review Process.  Our Building Official, Ramon Hernandez, will be updating a weekly log showing latest status of projects in the City's Building Plan Check process.  See the Building Division webpage for details and click on the follwing link for immediate viewing:   Colton Plan Check Log

See our Public Notices and Neighborhood Meetings webpage for new projects being presented to a neighborhood in the City of Colton.

If you have any questions, please call Development Services at 909-370-5079.

The Santa Ana River Parkway & Open Space Plan
Santa Ana River Logo_thumb.png
The Santa Ana River Parkway & Open Space Plan (SARP&OSP) is being developed by the State Coastal Conservancy’s Santa Ana River Conservancy Program to help jurisdictions along the river corridor collaborate on a shared vision for the Santa Ana River Parkway.

Click here to share your opinion of the draft guiding principles of the SARP&OSP, and to contribute to the Santa River Parkway Vision Map!

Business License Applications - 2017/2018 Update - State Fee Increase
New Business License Applications
New business license applications can now be completed online or by completing the mail-in business license form.   The online application is available by clicking the "ONLINE" icon on the left - then follow the instructions.

The mail-in form is located by clicking the following link: "Who Needs a Business License," for your convenience.  Please complete and mail to:

Attn: Business License Officer
Development Services Department
City of Colton
659 N. La Cadena Dr.
Colton, CA 92324

State Fee Increase - Senate Bill (SB) 1186
Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1379 (Chapter 667, Statutes of 2017). This legislation impacts the additional fee (commonly called the SB 1186 fee) described in Government Code Section 4467 which is used to facilitate compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements and for the training and retention of certified access specialists within the local jurisdiction. Please read AB 1379 to review the changes as they will appear in statute. In brief, changes resulting from the recent legislation include the following:

On and after January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2023, the one-dollar ($1) additional fee is increased to four-dollars ($4). Any city, county, or city and county not issuing business licenses, equivalent instruments, or permits is to apply the four-dollar ($4) fee to their building permits. The city, county, or city and county will retain 90 percent of the fees collected and submit 10 percent to the Division of the State Architect (DSA).

Starting January 1, 2024, the fees and requirements will remain in effect but the amount will reduce to one-dollar ($1). The city, county, or city and county will retain 70 percent of the fees collected and submit 30 percent to DSA.

Fees collected by the city, county, or city and county are to be deposited into a special fund known as the “CASp Certification and Training Fund.”

Please contact with questions.

Communications and Policy Unit

Division of the State Architect
State of California » Department of General Services
1102 Q Street, Suite 5100, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone 916.324.7180


Current Projects Map

Active Projects in Colton Map Published on the following Months:
November 2016
December 2015
July 2015

May 2015
March 2015 (First Map Published)

Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) - link to Colton Sustainability webpage.

On-Line Business License Expanded - November 2015
With the recent Business License Upgrades completed in May/June 2015, the on-line capabilities have increased from renewals only to:
  • Submitting a Business License online for outside city contractors/businesses;
  • Continue with renewing business license online (upgraded);
  • Pay an outstanding balance on your business license;
  • Search
  • business licenses:

        - by business name

        - by business type

        - by business start date or range; and 

  • Ability to report a problem.

Business License Software Upgrades - Month of May 2015

Discovery and Audit Program 2015

If you have received a letter from HdL Companies, please read the following:

  • The City of Colton has recently contracted with HdL Companies to conduct a review of the businesses that are operating in the City.
  • To operate any business within the City of Colton you must first obtain a business license.     The purpose of the review is to make certain that all businesses operating in the City have a current business license as required by the City’s Municipal Code.
  • If you received a letter with an application from HdL Companies we ask that you extend your cooperation to their staff during the review process.    You may contact the HdL Business Support Center at 888-602-0239 or by email at  .

Please click here to see an example of the letter you may have already received from HdL Companies.  Hyperlink to sample of notification letter in PDF format

Thank you,

Business License Officer

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