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Building Forms and Handouts
Forms and Information 2013 Energy Code
New 2013 Energy Code Requirements Effective July 1, 2014

California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards are updated on an approximately three-year cycle. The 2013 Standards will continue to improve upon the current 2008 Standards for new construction of, and additions and alterations to, residential and nonresidential buildings. The 2013 Standards will go into effect on July 1, 2014.

To know what has changed from the 2008 Standards, see the Summary of Major Changes from 2008.

Following are handouts provided by Ace Energy Resources Program funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and in support of the California Energy Commission:

General Information

Fact Sheet about the Permit Process

Energy Code Ace Information Handout

CF-IR Forms (note yellow highlighted areas must be completed for submission to the City)

Residential Alteration - Fenestration (Windows) (Updates under construction)

Residential Alteration - Re-Roof (Updates under construction)

Residential Alteration - Water Heater (Updates under construction)

Residential Alteration - HVAC, Wall Heater (Updates under construction)

Residential HVAC Alterations Climate Zone 10 - (Updates under construction)

Fact Sheets for NonResidential Projects

2013 Cool Roofs

Nonresidential Daylighting and Controls

NonResidential Fenestration (e.g., windows, skylights, glass block . . .)

NonResidential Lighting Controls for Credit

Nonresidential Mandatory Lighting Controls

Nonresidential Trigger Sheets

Nonresidential - Exterior Lighting

Nonresidential - Fenestration

Nonresidential - HVAC Builtup

Nonresidential - HVAC Controls

Nonresidential - Interior Lighting

Nonresidential - Lighting Controls for Additions & Alterations

Nonresidential - Light Controls for New Construction

Nonresidential - Refrigeration

Nonresidential - Small Commercial - HVAC

Fact Sheets for Residential Projects

Cool Roofs and Reroofing



Residential Trigger Sheet

HVAC Alterations 

Final Paperwork for Building Projects

Buildings Over Six Stories (Residential and NonResidential) - Form 5 New

Contractors and Owner Builders Sublist 

Formaldehyde Emissions Checklist - Form 3  New

Diversion Program Guide-A  New

Pollutant Control Checklist - Form 2 New

Self-Certification and Verification Form (Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm Retrofit & Water Efficient Plumbing Fixture Retrofit) Updated New

Stormwater Pollution Control - Form 1 New

General Building Handouts
Accessible Doors

Accessible Parking

Accessible Ramps-Landings

Accessible Seating-Drinking and Dining

Alternative Braced Wall Details

Building Design Limits

Building Permit Application

Bathroom Renovation - Residential

Buildings Over Six Stories (Residential and NonResidential) - Form 5 New

C02 Carbon Monoxide Detectors Alarms

CO2-Smoake and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Construction Inspections

Copies of City Approved Plans

Deck Standards

Detectable Warnings

Demolition Permit/AQMD 

Diversion Program Guide-A  New

Residential Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems - Plan Review / Permitting Requirements

Formaldehyde Emissions Checklist - Form 3  New

Garden Wall Standard

Gas Pipe Installation 

Gas Water Heaters

Green Building Code Requirements

Kitchen Remodel - Residential

Multiple Stall Accessible Restroom

Operation Maintenance Manuel - Form 6

Owner Builder Handout

Owner Builder Packet

Patio Cover Standard

Pilaster Standard

Plan Check Requirements for Room Additions

Plan Check Submittal Guidelines

Plan Submittal Requirements - General

Plan Check Submittal Requirements - Residential (Includes Room Additions)

Pollutant Control Checklist - Form 2 New

Retaining Wall Standard

Re-Roof - Residential

Self-Certification and Verification Form (Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm Retrofit & Water Efficient Plumbing Fixture Retrofit) Updated New

Single Stall Accessible Restroom

Soils - When a Soils Report is Required

Solar PV 10KW Single Family - Permit Application Requirements

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Code Requirements

Solar PV - Central Inverter System

Solar PV - Microinverter System

Stormwater Pollution Control - Form 1 New

Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements

Swimming Pool Demo

Swimming Pool Plan Check Submittal Requirements

Tankless Water Heaters

Temporary Utility Use Application

Tenant Improvement (TI) Submittal Requirements

Unreasonable Hardship Finding

Walls - Common Wall Agreement

Water-Efficient Landscape & Irrigation Plan Submittal Check List

When Do I Need a Building Permit?

Window and Door Replacements

Wood Frame-Construction Sheet (Conventional)

Workers Compensation Brochure

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