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R.A.D.D Club

Adapted Recreation – R.A.D.D. Club (Recreational Activities for Developmentally Disabled) 

The City of Colton, Community Services Department believes individuals of all abilities have the right to participate in recreation and leisure time activities.  Everyone should be given the opportunity to choose fun and engaging programs to socialize, gain independence, and explore active and creative experiences which are key components in the continuous development of all individuals.  With this in mind, we are proud to introduce the R.A.D.D. Club, a recreational program designed for people age 18 and above with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their friends in a special environment. 

The R.A.D.D. Club strives to connect individuals of all abilities with recreational and leisure time activities to meet their personal goals while honoring the three core values of independence, inclusion and empowerment. 

The R.A.D.D. Club promotes respect, self-expression and independence through a variety of carefully selected activities.  It is designed to provide recreational activities to cognitively and developmentally disabled adults in a comfortable atmosphere. The R.A.D.D. Club also provides a safe environment where individuals can be dropped off allowing parents, care givers, and guardians to enjoy a respite while the club members enjoy activities with their friends and fellow club members. 

For all R.A.D.D. Club programs, a minimum of two staff members will be on site-with additional ratio of one staff to every six participants. All participants requiring personal/intrusive services such as toileting assistance, injections, catheterization, or feeding are most welcome to participate, but must bring their own personal aide to any activity or program to perform those duties at no extra charge.   Events are located in City parks and facilities and some events are subject to extended periods of time in ‘hot or cold’ weather conditions.

An Intake form and waiver are required at least 48 hours before a participants first day.  All intakes are done in person, so that staff and participants can discuss the program. 

We require forms be completed annually, by all individuals so that staff may prepare appropriately and keep current with changes to individual’s goals for recreation and leisure time.  All information will be kept confidential and shared only with persons with a need for the information to assist in your participation in activities.

Social Scene ~ Come join the fun!  Make a date with friends and make some new ones.

Social Scene is a monthly special event that is packed full of fun.  It is usually loud and can be very stimulating with all the exciting activities. Structures vary by site, with some indoors and some outside, general recreation activities are planned throughout the event with a varying number of participants.  For details on dates, times & fees check out the Adaptive Recreation- R.A.D.D. page in the Colton Connection.  You may also call or email to have an events flyer sent to you or better yet stop by the Gonzales Community Center to pick one up.    

For more information, contact Kelly Phelps, Recreation Coordinator, at 909-370-5568

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