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Street Services Division activities include the following:

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Asphalt Crew
The Asphalt Repair crew performs pothole repairs, pavement patching, overlays, and slurry seals to lengthen the lifespan of the roadway system while attempting to maintain a safe passageway for vehicles through the City of Colton roadways.


Concrete Crew
The Street Division concrete crew maintains, repairs, and installs sidewalks, curbs and gutters throughout the City of Colton. The concrete crew is also responsible for stamping of concrete, blocking walls, and monuments.

Graffiti Crew
The Graffiti Removal Program operates seven days a week in order to keep our city looking clean. We have found that the best way to fight this crime is to cover the area vandalized as soon a possible. Please call our hotline at (909) 370-5174 if graffiti is visible or Click here to report graffiti   
 Worker painting over graffiti

Weed Abatement Crew
The weed abatement section is responsible for the abatement of weeds from city right
of ways, parkways, islands, sidewalks, and streets.

Tree Trimming Crew
The  tree trimming section is responsible for the trimming of trees in city rights of ways.  It is also responsible for the removal of trees in city rights of way that are breaking sidewalks and curbs, are diseased, or whose root systems are causing sewer problems 

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