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Preschool Programs
Children playingState Preschool Program
This program is designed to ensure the children acquire the skills and abilities to do well in Kindergarten and beyond. We focus on Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical domains of each individual child. Additionally we help set the foundation of building empathy, caring about the environment, importance of family and culture, and much more.

It is funded through the California Department of Education (CDE), so it is free or low cost to those families who meet the qualifications. Since it is funded by CDE the staff there must meet qualifications and be certified by CDE. We conduct child assessments, hold parent-teacher conferences, and put together a developmental portfolio of your child.

Our curriculum is whole child development, which helps us work on the domains listed above. We have morning and evening classes that are five days a week only. Currently the state preschool program is housed in the Sierra Vista Baptist Church. Please contact us to see if you qualify and to get on the Central Eligibility List for future enrollment.

Tiny Tots
This program is designed for children 3to 5 years old who are toilet trained. The activities include alphabet, color and shape recognitions, arts and crafts, free-play, story time, writing practice, and songs. We offer sessions for two or three days per week.

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